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Marble Floor

CNC Precision Engineering Amesbury Wiltshire UK

We are a family-run business established in 1985 that specialise in CNC milling and turning.

​With our close-knit team of experienced engineers we take pride in the quality of our work.


Our main focus is to keep in-step with technology in order to expand the services we offer.

small to medium batch work


We can turn from bar up to Ø80mm through spindle and chuck load to a maximum of about Ø350mm off billet.

Running mainly Mazak machines, from the compact and nimble QT10 2-axis, to our latest introduction of a QT250MSY twin head with milling capability.


Our choice of brand over the past 30 years has been largely based upon machine reliability along with the easy-to-use Mazatrol interface and excellent product support.



We can mill rectangular volumes up to 1000mm x 500mm x 450mm with 4th axis capability for working with smaller diameters.

With our new Mazak CV5-500, we are pleased  to offer true 5-axis milling capability.


CV5-500 400x300.jpg


To support the true capabilities of CNC machines we have invested time in realising the advantages of Computer Aided Design and Manufacture.

We are compliant with SolidWorks, Fusion 360, Vero software, etc for accepting many forms of solid part files.


3D printing

Having worked with material reduction processes for many years we embrace an understanding of how additive technologies can be incorporated in a fine balance of form over function.

We use 3D Printing for proof of concept, jig work and parts for final production.

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Marble Floor

5 Amesbury Business Park, London Road, Amesbury SP4 7LS, UK

+44 (0)1980 624808

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