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Marble Floor
Mitutoyo Euro M544

3-Axis Manual Coordinate Measuring Machine

make: Mitutoyo
model: Euro M544
serial: N0092512

stock code: 196-434NL1

last calibration: 2017-01-27

last calibrated by: Gareth Weller, Mitutoyo


Manually operated moving bridge design with touch trigger probe system on a granite table.

The Bridge and Column Axes guide-ways are high precision aluminium for longterm stability.
Pre-stressed air bearings on all axes.
Advanced 21 parameter error compensation.
High accuracy digital measuring scales on each axis.
Pneumatic filtering and adjusting system.
Passive vibration dampers.
3 axis digital interpolation readout card.
Pneumatic lock on/off for each axis with fine movement adjustment.

measuring capacity: 500 x 400 x 400mm (X, Y, Z)
pc system: HP Vectra with Windows 95, Dell 17” monitor, keyboard, mouse & new hard drive

software: Mitutoyo Cosmos 1.4 R5, GEOPAK-Win Reset & Start position v1.4.R1 by Mitutoyo

dimensions: 800 x 1046 x 2288mm (L, W, H)

table working height: 900mm
overall weight:


  • 20mm calibration refence sphere

  • Renishaw MIP Manual Indexing Probe

  • Ø4.0mm stylus, M3 ruby ball stainless steel stem Ø2.5mm, L 31.0mm, ML 27.0mm

  • Manuals & calibration history

  • Original hard drive

  • Transport locks


CMM replaced by larger model.
Sold as seen. Buyer must organise collection and transport within 2 weeks of purchase.

Please note that the computer stand pictured is not included.


  • Open to offers. Best offer will be accepted.

  • To register your interest, please contact us on 01980 624 808

  • Viewing by appointment only please.

Alternatively you can place a bid on eBay;

Marble Floor
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